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Two amazing oil/balm makeup removers

Hi there!

Here I am with a new review, dedicated to the first evening skincare step: makeup removing! Probably as the majority of you already knows, the best way to remove all the makeup (even waterproof/longwear) and SPF is an oil or balm cleansers.


They’re almost the same thing, since the balm consists in a thick paste that turns into an oil onto the skin.


So, the first product I’m talking about is probably really famous: “take the day off” by Clinique.




It’s in a buttery form at first and it turns lighter with the warmth of hands or face.



It’s the balm type of cleanser, really comfortable on the skin, it emulsifies with water turning into a milky texture, making it really easy to remove completely without leaving oily residue on your skin. It removes effortlessly every type of makeup.
It’s completely fragrance-free.

The second cleanser is made in Italy.


“Olio denso” (letterally “thick oil”), is technically an oil that can be used as a moisturizer, as a complement to a cream or, as I love to use it, as a makeup remover.


It’s a Veralab product from the idea of Cristina Fogazzi (@estetistacinica on instagram). She is an esthetician that made the information about skin (and cellulite) at everyone’s reach. In particular, this oil is one of my favourite products from her skincare line (that I will talk about further in future posts… stay tuned!).



The texture of this oil is unique. It’s a gel at first that turns into a luxurious oil while it’s warmed up. Plus, the parfume is heaven!!


The difference with the cleansing balm by Clinique is that the Olio denso doesn’t emulsify with water. It leaves the skin really hydrated, since it’s not formulated for the “rinse off” use. You massage it onto your skin and eyes (doesn’t burn at all) and you can remove everything (and with everything I mean… EVERYTHING) with a warm face cloth (the pink one in the photos is from Peggy Sage and I bought it at Cosmoprof ).
Then, I love to use a foaming wash as a second cleanse.





I love both, for different uses. I prefer the Clinique one for removing the everyday makeup and the Olio denso for more “heavy” evening makeup. Olio denso is by far the most effective makeup remover I’ve ever tried.

Do you have a favourite makeup remover? Do you like cleansing oils?

Thanks for reading!!

Rainbows, sunshine and happiness to you all,


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