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Jiinju beauty: Ginseng & Eucalyptus eye patches

Hi guys!

Today I’m back to talk about one of my favourite hydrogel eye patches. They’re from a korean brand called “Jiinju beauty” .


They’re really, REALLY nice packed and you can see particles of the main ingredients through the gel… amazing!



Resultwise, they’re great. Really depuffing ( especially if you put them in the fridge 5 minutes before using them). Ginseng is an energizing ingredient and eucalyptus is refreshing and naturally depuffing, and they both leave your eyes refreshed. I live by hydrogel eye patches, especially when I have those days of mandatory poor sleeping habits (read: exams). I swear, they help A LOT.

Here is a closeup to the ingredients:


A little recommendation about those eye patches: mind the sides. They have two sides (it’s not disclaimed on the packaging): one that is smooth, one that is slightly rough. You have to apply them with the smooth side on your skin. I didn’t know that the first time I used them and if you apply them by the wrong side it can be a little annoying.


This is why I didn’t like them at first. Then, I realized that they have two sides and since then I mainly use them. I alternate those with the Patchology ones (I’ll write a separated review about them, stay tuned!).

I found the patches at OVS, an italian drugstore/department store.

Hope you enjoyed this review, tell me if you have a favourite eye patches brand in the comments below.

Rainbows and fresh flowers,



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