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3 Face cleansers you have to try

Hi guys!!

I’m here today to write about the most important step in you skincare regimen: CLEANSER! It removes sebum, pollution and dirt from your skin, allowing it to breath and to absorb your following products sooo much better.

I’m writing this to clarify, but I strongly hope that you’re already aware of the importance of cleansing your skin first thing in the morning and last thing at night (PLEASE at least remove your makeup, even if your dead tired/already asleep… you really can’t imagine the damage your skin suffers if you don’t do that).

Mum scolding aside, if you take the habit, cleansers will be your best friends and a really enjoyable moment (I literally giggle when I remove my makeup at night… it’s one of my favourite moments of the day).

Of course you’ll choose your cleanser accordingly to your skin type, so I’ll show you 3 different cleansers, that can be appropriate for three different skin types (normal to oily, combination and dry).


I’ll do a different post about the makeup removers. Just keep in mind that I always do the double cleanse at night, so the three products that I’m showing count as the second cleanse.


This is a really elegant cleanser. In my opinion is perfect for every type of skin from normal to oily, since the rose scented foam leaves the skin with a deep cleansed feel.
It’s not so purifying to the point you feel stripping, but it’s definitely a purifying formula.


First thing that I love about this product, it comes out already in mousse form, thanks to the special pump. It’s really soft on the skin and the smell is a rose heaven.



Oh my… I love this cleanser. It’s perfect for a range of skin types from normal to dry.
Perfect for dry skin that still wants something that foams up.


It leaves your skin really soft. It leathers up to a moisturizing mousse, with a refreshing herbal fragrance, thanks to the essential oils and herbal exctracts.
I usually use it while I shower, to enjoy the “Spa like” fragrance that the warm vapours make while I use it… it’s a really luxurious experience.



This is the most indicated cleanser for dry and sensitive skins, that don’t stand any kind of foaming product.
It’s formulated with three different types of Ceramids and Hyaluronic Acid. Sometimes I had a tingling effect using it, when my skin is particularly dry and when I use it directly on my skin without water. So, if your skin is extrimely sensitive, use it on damp skin.


It doesn’t have any sort of smell. It’s a clear gel that removes dirt and light makeup.
It definitely has a moisturizing effect, since when I use it I don’t feel that my skin needs all the steps that I usually apply. I just move directly to my moisturiser.


I use them all, in different times of the day and occasions. Keep in mind that I try a bunch of different things, not just beacause I work in the skincare field, but also beacause I’m a crazy skincare junkie, so feel free to choose just one cleanser.

I basically try everything, so you don’t have to XD.. lol, pure truth here. And after using a lot of cleansers, I can say that those three are absolutely the best… try them!

If you found this article to be helpful leave a comment below, and tell me if you tried them or your personal fav!

Kisses and unicorns ❤


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