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November lookfantastic box: Ready, Set, Glam!

Hello guys,

today we’re going to open together the amazing lookfantastic box of this month. For those of you that don’t already know what the lookfantastic box is, it’s a subscription service where (I live in Italy, so for me is will send you a box every month with different mini sizes of products from luxury brands.

This the best and funniest way for every beauty addicted to feel like an editor ^^. You will have the precious chance to try different lux things and if you like them you can purchase the full size on the same site. Sounds great eh?

So, let’s jump into the november box, which is all about glam.


First of all, the box is fab as usual! Every month is different of course and it’s always extra lux. This month it’s a glamorous glittery blue texture.

Let’s open it and see what’s inside:


Well, impressive!! There is everything you need to glam up for day and night. The thing that I absolutely love about the lookfantastic box it’s that inside there is the right mix of makeup and skincare, which is huge considering that I’m a skincare junkie and I cannot wear makeup without a good (and intense XD) skincare routine.

So you’ll find for example a Murad lotion with vitamin C and SPF 30 or a product that I always wanted to try… The Time-filler by Filorga, an antiwrinkle cream for eyes and lashes! It claims not only to help prevent and reduce fine lines, but also to help the lashes grow! I’m excited to try it!

There is the magnificent Deep sleep pillow spray, that I actually wanted to buy in sephora the other day, but I left it there thinking that it was a splurge (aka sense of guilt for all the beauty shopping that I do… lol), so you can imagine my surprise when I found it in the box!!
It’s a peaceful blend of lavender, chamomile and vetiver, that you’re supposed to spray on your pillow… I used it yesterday night and I slept like a baby…

For the makeup, I found a cream highlighter by PIXI, a Lip Cream by Bellàpierre and a super fun and beautiful golden eyeshadow by teeez.

Of course you’ll find a brochure inside every box, with the explanation of every product.


Actually, I don’t know why I didn’t write a post about the lookfantastic box before… it’s an AMAZING service and I’ve been trying it for a while now…

Are you subscribed to a beauty box? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, Lookfantastic is my first subscription and I’m really enjoying it, but if you want to suggest me one that you love write it down in the comments!!

Thank you for reading this ❤ hope you found it inspiring!

Stay colourful!


PS= This post is not sponsored ❤ I genuinely love it!

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