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My favs: Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment

Hi guys,

there is something in the skincare routine that everyone tends to skip or forget: the lips.
It’s always a part that we don’t even think about. We just put whatever chapstick when we remeber it. Be honest, you don’t even put the same care in choosing your lip product as you would when you choose a face cream or a serum… and this is unfair, considering that the lip area has the same delicate skin of our eye area, so it’s more prone to get fine lines sooner than the other parts of the face.


When your lips are chapped, or simply dry, your face will look more tired as a whole and nothing can give a beautiful youthful look better than luscious and well moisturized lips.
Have you ever thought about it? If not, start now to share some love to your pretty pout!


So… guess what, since I think that lips should have their spotlight, I’m going to show you my absolute favourite lip product right now, which is the Butterstick Lip Treatment by Kiehl’s.

The name says it all: it’s a wonderful blend of oils and butters, especially lemon butter and  coconut oil. It gives to my lips an incomparable soft and healthy look.
Kiehl’s claims the treatment gives moisture to your lips for up to 12 hours, and I guess it’s true… but it’s so soft and applies so smoothly that I really enjoy  reapplying it several times a day, even if I don’t need it XD.


The treatment comes in three versions: With SPF 25 and 5 delicate shades (in US… check your local web site since the five shades are not available everywhere), untinted with SPF 25 and untinted without SPF.

I opted for the simple one without SPF (it’s always on the side of my bed) and the shade “Touch of berry” which is actually a really pretty berry. Just don’t be fooled by how dark the shades look from the butterstick, ’cause the payoff is really delicate, as you can see in the photo below.


When they first came out I was immediately attracted by the luxury feel of the packaging. It’s velvety at the touch and it opens twisting it… which is the SMARTEST thing in the world, since usually my regular chapticks get all dirty from opening randomly in my bag.

They quickly became an important step in my routine, because my lips never got dry or chapped once I started using them. As I wrote on Instagram, they’re my last step before hitting the door in the morning, and the last step before getting my zzz’s by night.

I hope I inspired you to take care of your lips more, if you don’t do it already you should definitely give the Buttersticks a try.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Share your favourite lip product in the comment section!

Stay colourful,




Lil’ sweet Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, I genuinely love this product!

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