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New at Lush! Luxury Bath oils

Hello guys!!

Today I’m here to tell you some exciting news! Lush just released a series of new Luxury Bath oils and I’m ooooverly excited! They’re basically like the good old bath melts. They’re small miracles that turn your bath water into a moisturizing paradise *_*.

They’re made with butters and essential oils, perfectly made for your relaxing/energizing/inspiring needs. they’re really small, this is why you can place them in this really cute box (it’s like an egg box, isn’t it? XD).



This invention is kind of genius, ’cause the little miracles here are REALLY soft… like… don’t touch them for too long, or they will melt in your hands. So it’s nice to have a dry place to store them. You can also wrap them in little cute pieces of paper for extra protection.



I picked just three to try them. I show you the oils one by one:


This is the first that caught my eye… now the photo doesn’t give it justice, because it’s really SPARKLY. It’s covered by golden glitter and it smells of roses, jasmin and ginger… like… I LOVE IT.



This is the silver version of ginger: it’s covered by silver glitter and it smells of pine essential oil and black pepper… a really audacious pair. It’s kind of relaxing though.



My favourite… at least for the name (Harry Potter fans, anyone??). It smells of rosewood… heaven.


Of course I have to try them, but I really wanted to give you a sneak peak of my latest trip to the new Lush store (read: paradise) that just opened in Rome in Via del Corso.

If you live in Rome you HAVE to stop by, they created the most cozy and interactive place for lush lovers ( including a courtyard where you can learn about the different essential oils… yep).

Do you already tried the Luxury Bath oils? Do you like them?
I’ll update you once I try them… until then,

Stay Colourful ❀



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