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IT WORKS! Tony Moly nose pack review


Hi everyone!!

I’m back after a wonderful summer break… and I’m here to show one of my absolute summer favourites… the Tony Moly nose strips. OMG you guys… I tried a lot of nose strips, and every single ones failed on their purpose.

You probably know how they work: You wet the nose, remove the strip from the seal and apply to the nose, till it’s completely dry. When you remove the strip you should have a disgusting/satisfying strip full of your pore’s dirt, and a silky smooth, clean nose.


Well… this is the first nose strips that REALLY work. As you can see in the photo, the pack contains 6 separately packed nose strips. Inside the pack you find the nose strip.


You do everything you have to do with a normal nose strip… and then, OMG. It works, a lot. I know that the next photo is a little bit gross, but you HAVE to see the result, that for me is amazing…



My nose was perfectly clean after this… for a solid month. AMAZING. I will definitely repurchase this and I recommend you this for sure.

Have you ever tried them? Or a nose strip that actually works? Tell me in the comments below ❤

See you very soon,


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