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Beauty trend: frackles tattoos!


Hello guys!!

Yes… you got it… Lottie London, a really good affordable brand, has glitter freckles temporary tattoos. It’s so adorable that I just can’t…


Freckles are a really big trend now, since finally it’s considered a beautiful trait. I’ve always adored freckles and I think they look so pretty.


But…unfortunately I don’t have natural freckles, so these temporary tattoos come on handy. Since more and more girls are falling in love with freckles, some brand, like the gorgeous Lottie London, are making freaking adorable metallic freckles temporary tattoos…


This trend comes hand in hand with the whole unicorn vibe trend… and I’m loving it!!
can’t wait to put my hands on these!!
The pack comes with 4 sheets of metallic/glitter temporary tatts.

In Italy you can find Lottie London in OVS or any other drugstore, if you live in the US or UK.

What do you think? Do you like this trend? I’m gonna try it for sure!!

Kisses, unicorns and sweet dreams,


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