Mani Monday: Baby pink & Rose gold

Hello guys!

It’s another wonderful summer week, and I opted for one of my favourite manicure styles: the accent. A girly, gentle baby pink as a base and a cute glitter accent on my ring finger.


The baby pink is called “Ciao bella” and it by Faby, a made in Italy brand that I love. They have a huge range of colors, (plus a vegan line… yes) and the quality is really high end.
Good pigmentation, quick drying and a marvelous shiny finish even without the top coat.


I’m not sponsored and I’m not saying this just because I’m italian… but this brand has a really superior quality on ALL the colors. I found the same positive qualities in all the nail polishes that I tried.

This particular shade confirmed what I already thought. Light and nude colors are usually really hard to put off on nails. They get streaky, uneven if they’re not transparent.
This was perfectly opaque with just two coats.


For the glitter I chose “I pink I can”, a gorgeous rose gold glitter by China glaze.
It delivers the right amount of glitter on the nail without giving a gloopy effect (which I LOVE).


For the top coat I used the “Nicole by Opi” fast dry top coat.


Do you like it?? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I really care about your thoughts πŸ’œ

Love you all 🍭


SHOP: Faby “Ciao Bella”
China Glaze “I pink I can”

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