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Skincare Saturday: L’Oreal Pure Clay masks reviews

Hi guys!!
It’s skincare saturday! I’m really excited because today I’m showing you a really cool set of face masks that are affordable and awesome.
When they launched that was a social media buzz all over the web about these masks. I decided to buy them at the very beginning of the launch (shoutout to my mum that found them in Florence since I couldn’t find it in Rome!), and instead of promoting them I can review them well now.

They are three:
-RED –> Exfoliating with Red Sea weed
-BLACK –> detoxifying and brightening with charcoal
-WHITE –> purifying with Eucalyptus


The base is the same: three really active clays that work together to intensify the action of the specific active ingredients (red seaweed, charcoal and eucalyptus).


The first mask from the left, the red one definitely exfoliates. You can feel the micro particles of clay when you first massage it on the skin. Be careful if you know that your skin is particularly sensitive, ’cause it can be a little bit too harsh if you don’t paupulare attention.
This is why this is my least favourite of the three. I was expecting the particles to be smaller of at least “round”. I say round because you feel like they are of an irregular size while you massage it. So, my suggestion is to put the mask on the skin without massaging too much… which can dissolve the point of exfoliating actually 🤣. I won’t repurchase this one if I have to be honest.

The second one, the charcoal one. Hand down, this is my favourite. It’s delicate, it doesn’t irritate my skin, but it’s still really active. I can feel a slight tingling feeling on your skin when you apply it and I LOVE THE RESULT. It leaves the skin super soft, bright and refined.


Last, but not least, the white (sea green/ bluish) one with eucalyptus. It’s perfect for the summer time, because when you apply it you immediately feel a cooling sensation that is EVERYTHING when your face feels damn dirty for the summer heat.🔥 Skin feels clean, pores are refined and suuuper fresh 💦

I would repurchase for sure the charcoal mask and, next summer, the eucalyptus one.
But… since I have all three now, I always have fun mixing them on my face, practicing the infamous “multimasking technique”.
And… yes… this is me, with three masks on my face (hashtag weirdo 😂)

As you can see I use the exfoliating mask just on my forehead, because the rest of the face is too sensitive. Charcoal where I have to detoxify the most, so nose and chin. The white one where I want to refresh and clean gently: the cheeks!

And.. that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and tell me if you tried them!!

Kisses, relaxing days and unicorns 🦄 to all of you,


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