My perfect Sunday morning (working edition)

Hello people!
It's my favourite day of the week: Sunday! It sounds like coziness, relaxing music and late coffees.

But… what if you to have to work on sundays? I don't let the atmosphere go and I refuse not to have that wonderful "me time" that makes you look and feel good.
There is no need to give up to the good things in life just because your job requires you to work during weekends.

Sooo… this is my recipe to enjoy your "working sundays", hard working girls!

#1 Enjoy the Saturday night, no matter what

Of course if you have to wake up early the next morning, I'm not telling you to do crazy things. Take one thing that you really enjoy doing: watching a good movie, trying that new restaurant you're curious about, a long walk in the center of your city.

For example, yesterday night, after work, I went for the first time in my life in a really typical place in Rome: "Er filettaro " , that probably doesn't mean nothing to you (Lol). It's basically a place where you can eat fried cod. They just do it, since… forever xD.
It's very difficult to find a place to sit, so people often take one piece of cod (which is HUGE) to go. They wrap it in a piece of paper and… dinner is served!!

"Filetti di baccalà" means literally "Cod Fillets"

It was exciting to try this for the first time, in the center of my beautiful city. It was REALLY GOOD and then I kept walking. Me and my boyfriend love to just walk and chat about our day, before going back home.

This makes me wake up in Sunday mornings with good memories about the night before.

#2 The morning: indulge in a pampering routine

This is kind of self explanatory, I know. But pampering sessions are good for the soul like yoga xD. I start in the shower using something fun like the brand new SCRUBEE by Lush!
It was once a limited edition, now it's in the permanent collection (YAAAS). It's a delicious body scrub full of butters and honey. My skin looks and smells amazing after using this.

And then, of course I don't feel pampered if I don't do face masks. I constantly look for new ones and I'm obsessed by the way my skin feels afterwards.
And… yes, this is me with filters doing masks xD I embrace my weirdo side and I'm proud of it!! 🤣💕

In the first photo I'm doing the eye patches with avocado oil by Sephora 🥑and in the second one I'm trying the hydrabomb fiber mask by Garnier. I really liked both.
It takes nothing, especially since you can do whatever in the meantime.

#3 Take care of your hobbies, even if it's just for 5 minutes!!!

I looove gardening. I'm a green thumb girl and I take care of my lovely plants even just 5 minutes a day, but it makes me feel really good about myself.

I water them, I cut off dry parts, or I just admire them. I'm sure you also have something that makes you feel good and, for this reason, deserves more space in your life.

#4 A treat to go

It's Sunday and you deserve a treat. I usually go earlier then I should to work on sundays, 'cause buses are really slow on weekends and I'm afraid to be late. So it's the perfect excuse to indulge and relax in my favourite coffee shops and bakeries.

All these things together make me so happy that I start my working day relaxed like I've been on vacation 😂.
They're also good ingredients for any Sunday, even if you don't work, of course.

Do you have a specific routine that you follow when you need a boost of coziness?
Let me know in the comments below!!

Oh… and don't forget to follow me on Instagram to be updated with my everyday adventures!!
(Colourfulvanity, you can find the photos also here in the sidebar).

Kisses, rainbows and Sunday mornings,

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