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Tiger finds: the watercolor jug

Hello world!

Have I ever told you how obsessed I am with Tiger? No? Here we are!

I decided to put more of the real me into this blog (’cause this is how I feel about blogging, like you’re writing in a personal diary online), so this is one of my biggest passions: Home decor.

Since I moved from my parent’s house and I started living alone, I was aware that home decor is… you! It’s how you want to live, and the athmosphere that you want around says everything about you.

When I first started working, I lived in an apartment shared with other working girls and I had the tiniest room XD. I remember those days with a big smile on my face because they were like “practicing life” days. And even when I had a couple of metres of room I cared for the decor. Especially when the space is limited you NEED to feel comfortable.


When I was finally ready to do the big jump, two years ago, I moved alone in my first apartment. Of course it’s not my property, I’m renting (Rome and Italy in general is not young working people friendly XD), it’s tiny and perfect for two (I’m living here with my boyfriend <3) and, needless to say, it was so funny to decorate, since when I moved here there was NOTHING inside, just the walls!

Since I started to decorate, Tiger become my obsession. It’s a gorgeous danish company that produces everything you could possibly think about for the house. There are real gems in it, guys, real gems. It doesn’t sell furniture, mainly home decor items and small items for the kitchen, bath and also stationery.

What made me fall in love with Tiger is the materials that they use, that are not common. You can find precious wood, marble and pottery items at an affordable price.

Tiger pot 1

So here it comes the clou of this post: the watercolor jug, that was one of my recent discovers. I mainly use it as a flower pot, because it was exactly what i thougth when I saw it! It was available in blue and in peach. Blue was more adaptable to my color scheme, so I got the blue, but the peachy one is gorgeous as well.

Please look at the details… it seems like it’s painted with watercolors and I love it! It’s so romantic ^^. In the photos I show the different rooms where I put this beauty in the past and it adapts in all decor styles I think.

tiger pot 2

It became an absolute favourite and an essential to create the cozy atmosphere that I want. It’s strange like a little thing can change so much the room decor.

And you? Do you have that small item that you love that makes you feel extracozy?

Love you all,



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