Mani Monday: “Just BeClaus” by OPI

Good Morning guys!

How to start the week right? With a fresh manicure, of course. Today I wanted to show you a color that has been in my top favourites for years!

I’m talking about “Just Beclaus” by OPI. It’s a very deep red with a créme finish.

Just Beclaus opi swatch

There’s a reason why this shade is my choice when I want a red year after year.

If you are one of my italian followers you know that my absolute first red crush is “color to diner for”. It’s a color part of the “touring America” collection back in 2011 (so many memories!). Since then, I struggled a lot to find it and “Just beclaus” is the closest shade to that, without the shimmer.

Just Beclaus OPI manicure
Just Beclaus by OPI on my nails. Natural light.
It has a great pigmentation, making the color opaque and shiny with just two coats.
I put a top coat for extra shine (Nicole by OPI fast dry top coat).

This particular shade lasts on my nails for a solid week without chipping. Impressive, considering that when I work I use my hands a lot (shop bays, anyone?). I also have protective gloves, but it’s still hard to keep the nails chip-free, this is why most of the times I do the gel color.

CONS –> BASE COAT ALERT. Please use a good base coat with this color, or your nails will be mad at you and they’ll punish you with an orangy stain that is almost impossible to remove XD (I’m practicing the best method to remove stains on nails, I’ll keep you updated ^^).

Anyway, if you put a base coat, as you normally always should, you won’t have any problem and you will look stunning with possibly the best red existing on earth <3.

Tell me in the comments your favourite red nail polish! Who knows, maybe I’ll discover my new favourite red!

Love you all and have an amazing week!


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