Mani Monday: 💜 Cute Heart Design💜

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to teach you how to make an ultra lovely heart manicure! With some easy steps you can create little hearts on your nails! I’m using the China Glaze Gelàze nail polishes, but you can actually use any regular nail polish.


I love the line “Gelàze” because I don’t want to wait so much between layers of nail polish, expecially when special designs are involved. With maximum two minutes of led lamp, I’m sure the nail polish is perfectly dry, so I can go on with the other steps of the manicure!


I used “Innocence” for the base, a light pink, and “White on white” for the hearts. White on pink creates a cute but saddle effect.


Here is a quick video to show you how I created the manicure. I hope you enjoy it!

As you can see, I did three layers of “Innocence”, because it’s a really trasparent color, and then I used a dotting tool to create the heart! You can also use the toothpick if you don’t have the dotting tool.

Istantanea 1 (01-05-2017 20-39)

If you like the video please give it a big thumb up, it would mean the world to me. And of course if you try it tell me if you like the result!



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