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Review: NYX eyeshadow palette “Rustic antique”


Hello guys!!!

You can’t imagine how much of a joy is every time I can reach the keyboard and dedicate time to my lovely blog. Hi! Here we are, talking about a product that I’m LOVING lately.
I’m talking about the “Perfect filter” eyeshadow palette in the shade “Rustic antique”.

It’s part of a BIG haul that I’m going to show you one product at a time once I use them ❀


I really love this palette because it pairs perfectly if you have blue eyes like me ^^. Rusty, warm based colors make the blue pop *_*. Usually I use those type of colors for fall or winter, but the girl that was in the NYX boutique in Rome tried the colors on me and I fell in love <3, she was so right.

Here is a more in-depth swatch of the colors:


As you can see, there is a really good range of shades, with a good mix of textures: satin, matte, glitter and metallic, like the forth shade of the first row, a gorgeous gold.

This is hands down my favourite from the entire palette.


Every shade was swatched just ones… you can see that the pigmentation is excellent ❀
Matte shades are not powdery at all, like most of the matte eyeshadows are, so this is a huge thumb up!

Have you ever tried it? This is not the only palette in the range that I liked, I hope I’ll get my hands on the others very soon ^^

Tell me in the comments how much you love NYX palettes ❀



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