Basically: Balenciaga is selling IKEA bags for $2,154

It’s crazy as it seems.

The luxury maison Balenciaga created a bag which is very (and I mean VERY) similar to the famous Frakta, the big blue bag from IKEA.


Yes, the bag that you never know how to fold once you used it XD.

The difference is that the IKEA one is in plastic and the Balenciaga one is in leather but… you can see for yourself that they are crazy similar.


And this is exactly what Balenciaga wanted. The provocatory concept behind this bag is very cool, because Balenciaga recreates in luxury, what everybody sees as cheap.


I love the concept, not because I love the actual thing (in this case the bag), but this is what makes fashion so close to art. Of course I would never buy a $ 2K bag that is so irriverently similar to thousands of bags that I already own XD. But when I saw the bag online I was like “OOOHHH this is really cool!”, same reaction that I would have in front of a very strange or special painting.

What do you think?

At least I can say now that I have a lot of Balenciaga bags in my house XD

Love you all,



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