Why gardening is my yoga

Hello guys,

Today I want to talk about one of my biggest passions: gardening.


I’ve always been a nature lover since I was a little kid. My first source of knowledge was a book about flowers that my grandma gave me for my ninth birthday, and I was the happiest girl in the world. Then, with my first camera, at 14 years old, I started to take photos of nature. Plus, I’ve always been an environment activist and student (this is also why my first internship at the Ministry of foreign affairs was at the environment office). Long story short… a passion.

Also now, that I work full time during the day and I have less free time, I always make sure to dedicate a good amount of time in gardening.

Here are some benefits that I personally experimented in giving love to plants:

  • It releases stress: there is nothing better after a long day of work then checking on my balcony how my flowers and aromatic Erbs are doing. I cut dead ends and leafs and water them. Just the sight of green and flowers relaxes me, especially when it’s a risult of my efforts. I love that feeling


  • It helps me to focus: When I look after my plants there is nothing else that can distract me. It’s really strange, but I tend to get distracted when I read, when I study, but not when I do gardening. There is just me, birds and flowers. This helps to be more focused on every task after some gardening. This is why I usually do it first thing in the morning.


  • It connects me to nature: it’s easy to be completely overwelmed by a big city. Cars and smog and streets and more cars. Spending some time in the nature, even if it’s just on your balcony, helps me a lot to feel part of this earth and not a robot.


  • It empowers me: when I see something I cured day by day blooming is an excellent way for me to visualize what I’m capable of, it gives me strength.


Amazing, right? And don’t think it’s a time consuming activity. It takes me five minutes in the morning and five minutes in te evening. That’s all. And for what it gives me it’s a win-win hobby. This is why I call gardening “my yoga”.

What’s your personal yoga? Is there any activity that you love and helps you to unwind?

Tell me in the comments below! And remember to follow me on Instagram, I always put my gardening adventures on My stories.

Love you all,


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