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CND Vinylux: “Heat and Rythm” collection


Hi guys!!

I’m finally back today with a fresh and summery collection.
It was kindly offered by CND, when I went to the amazing Cosmoprof (Most exciting event of the year!). Its name is “Heat & Rythm”, that speaks on its own, and it’s a palette of joyful and bright colors. The collection is part of the “Vinylux” range, an innovative system of long wear (7Days) nail polishes.


The first color that I want to talk about is “Ripe Guava”, a bright rasperry red. What I noticed about it is that it’s really shiny, even without a top coat!
Just one recommendation, PLEASE USE A BASE. I was silly enough not to use one and… my nails got an annoying reddish hue for days after I removed the nail polish.


Mambo beat. The second shade of the collection, is a bright peach, on the coral side.
I have to say, even if it’s a really good quality nail polish, I didn’t like it. On my skintone is a little bit too flashy. It has a really fine shimmer, almost invisible on the nails.


Shells in the sand. PEACH! I love it! It’s a really luminous shade. Elegant and bright at the same time. It doesn’t stain the nails at all, even without a base.


Sugar cane. A light pastel green. I’m not really confident wearing those type of colors… As all the light pigmented shades, be careful while applying it, because it easily goes off uneven.


Palm deco. A deeper green… amazing on fair skintone.


Splash of teal… my favourite in the range! OMG this looks stun. Super shiny and so much elegant! It’s a unique point of teal.


Overview: I saw a lot of collection by CND and this is a really good one. Not all the colors are to die for though. The must have of the collection is “Splash of teal”. All the colors are shiny even without the topcoat and they last as claimed, minimum seven days.

Tell me what’s your fav color in the collection!

Love you all,


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