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My favourite MAC lipsticks: swatches

Hi girls!!
I’m back today with a post that I’ve been wanting to do since FOREVER. First of all, I’m a lipstick junkie. Second, MAC is my first choice when it comes to lip colors. Here we are then with my top MAC lipsticks!P1040543P1040544

Let’s begin! Six of them are permanent colors, two are limited editions.

Nudes and everyday colors


The first four lippies that I show you are the nudes and the colors that I wear almost everyday.
1) Creamcup: Cremesheen formula, is perfect to give a subtle rosy sheen to your lips. This is my “your lips but better” color.

2) Honeylove: Matte formula, it’s my bon ton color. It gives my lips a good nude look, but it doesn’t leave them completely washed out, there is still some color. Chic.

3) Pretty please: Matte formula, this is rosy and fab. We’re starting with some more solid color here. Not bold, but definitely pink.

4) Mehr: Matte formula. Holy Mehr. You can see from the first picture that Mehr is the most used one… and that’s for a reason. It’s the bolder from the four “everyday” colors. But it’s the perfect ancient dark rose that I’ve ever seen. It dresses you up without wearing a “BAM” red or pink.





The last four lipsticks are the ones for special occasions. Bright reds and pinks, here we come.
1) Nice to meet you: Cremesheen formula, it’s the perfect bright, yet a little bit rosy red.
It leaves your lips with some shine without making the color less opaque.

2) All fired up: Retro Matte here ladies… the ultimate 50s vibe pink!! If you don’t have it yet, you should.

3) Tats: Matte, Limited edition. This is from the collection designed by my all time favourite fashion designer: Giambattista Valli. It screams spring and happiness to me, like his wanderful gowns.

4) Evening rendezvous: Matte finish, limited edition (Christmas 2015 collection). This is the color for really special occasions. I’m not the type of girl that feels comfortable wearing bold colors, I have to be honest here. This is why I get so obsessed when I find a dark color that I’m comfortable with, and this is one of them. I wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis, since it’s not allowed for me to wear it at work, but it’s definitely one of my fav choices for a girls night out.


This is it! Is there one in the list that you want right away?? Did you find a color that is already your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it…
Rainbows, sunny days and kisses,


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