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Tony Moly “Panda’s dream” eye stick

Hi everyone!!
I’m back today with a review all about… tired eyes. If you work with a computer always in front of you, you know what I’m talking about… At the end of the day, your eyes feel dry and tired. When something like this happens, or when you didn’t sleep so much, or you just need a refresh for whatever reason, a product like “Panda’s dream” eye cooling stick by Tony Moly can help A LOT.


Tony Moly is a korean skin care brand that recently came out at Sephora, and I was really happy about it. Not only the all skin care trend is a top obsession for me, but the cute packaging and the wallet friendly prices are to die for.


This eye stick comes in this extra cute panda packaging, and the product in itself is really really good quality… so, it’s not just all about cuteness here… this stuff works. It leaves the eye extra fresh and immediately depuffs the area. It’s formulated with bamboo extract wich is antioxidant and refreshing.


It has a saddle parfume, it’s not too much and it doesn’t cause me irritations at all.
When you apply it you can feel an instant freshness around your eyes… it’s an actual SOS product. I absolutely recommend it!


In Europe you can find this product at Sephora for 10,90€. In the US I’m afraid to tell you that for now, I didn’t see it in the web site… they surely have the brand, but other products, wich I’m sure they are as good as this one…

Did you find it somewhere? Tell me in the comments below if you like the brand!!

Kisses, rainbows and flowers,



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