Beauty “must have” products

You know girls, when you wake up in the morning and something isn’t just right, even after your cup of coffee… You start to look for something to pick you up.
Personally, when I feel like this in the morning I indulge in some luxurious beauty product that makes me feel and look better and I’m immediately ready to go out to the world.

Indulging in a good beauty routine doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time and money on it. I will show you my three top products that I use as a boost to my routine that are easy to use and wallet-friendly.

Essence cosmetics nose strips:


Those are a real must-have for everyone. They are nose patches formulated to remove black heads. It comes with three separated sealed bags.




They contain a patch that you’re supposed to apply on your dampened nose (you can use water or an alcohol free toner, as you prefer) and you leave it for 10 minutes. When you gently take it off, you can see all the dirt from your pores on the patch… It sounds disgusting, but it really works. I do it once a week to achieve a super smooth and refined T zone. The exciting part is that it’s extremely inexpensive… in Europe it costs 2 €

Sephora eye masks


Here comes an other obsession of mine: Sephora eye masks. With the all korean skin care trend, this season is all about masks, patches, and fancy skincare. I immediately fell in love with the Sephora line of sheet masks. You can find face and eyes fiber masks. I really love this product because is a really quick fix to tired eyes. I strongly suggest a good eye mask once in a while. They cost 5$ each.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth deep pore cleansing mask



This is my absolute favourite if I have to look my best at a special meeting on girls night out… ot even day by day!. It’s a white clay based mask, enriched with aloe vera and oat flour to keep your skin well hydrated and soft, even if it’s a strongly purifying mask. When you wash it off after ten minutes your skin appears really clear and smooth. Pores are visibly closed and you feel your skin perfetcly balanced. I LOVE IT. I do it once or twice a week.
It costs 28$ and it lasts forever… it’s really big, so it will last you a while.

Those are my absolute SOS skin products. Do you have one that is an instant boost for your skin and mood? Let me know in the comments!!

Love, sunny days, and flowers,

Lulu ❀

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