Mani Monday: Pastel accent manicure

Hi girls!!

Here we are at the beginning of a new sunny week… and I’m up with a new manicure, as I always do. This time I wanted to spice up the mani game including nail tape, a special, thin tape to add to the nails to create unusual designs and special french manicures.


I chose a special light lilac shade by Faby, “Eyes of waterlily”, and the shiny gold nail tape. The nail polish formula is ok, even if it’s a little bit watery with just one coat. I did three coats to create an opaque finish. The pro is that this nail polish lasts A LOT.


What I did for the accent is just placing the tape where I wanted and than cutting it at the right size with tiny scissors. I topped everything with a fast dry top coat.


I was thinking to add the tape to every finger, but I was afraid it would be too much. What I really like about the accent manicure is the delicate twist it gives to plain nail polish.

Do you like this manicure?? Did you ever tried to use the nail tape?

Let me know!! Comment here below! ❤

Love, sun and flowers,


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3 thoughts on “Mani Monday: Pastel accent manicure

  1. Your nails are so pretty! I have never thought of using mani tape before- now I’m going to!!! I’m also going to follow your blog!!! 😉


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