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Mani Monday: Chanel “Expression”

Hi girls!!

Today is Monday, and this means… mani day! I love to start the week with a fresh mani and I chose my favourite red: Chanel “Expression”.


I have to be honest now. Chanel formulas are not always the best… I found some of them to chip too easily, but this one is an exception. It’s really long lasting, shiny, and fabolous. This is so far the best Chanel nail polish I’ve ever tried!



In the photos I used a china glaze base to protect my natural nails and a Nicole by OPI quick dry top coat.


I’m not tired enough when I say how much the base is important. I’ve been a nail blogger for three years for my first blog. I didn’t use a base most of the times, and my nails where exausted… I needed a couple of years to completely recover my nails… crazy, right?

So, please always use a nail base! Always. The “Strong adhesion” base by China Glaze is my favourite. It helps providing a long lasting manicure.

Do you like wearing red on your nails? I still think is the perfect color if you want to be feminine and classic at the same time.

Tell me in the comments below what color you love wearing the most!

Love, colors and sunny days,





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