Bullet journal: my monthly layout


Good morning girls,

today we will talk about organization. I’ve been browsing on pinterest for a while before realizing that keeping a personalized journal could really help me in managing my time. I have a full time job, so it’s a little bit difficult for me to keep on track everything in my life, especially if you are a multi-interests/multi-tasking girl like me.

I’ve always had a crush on finding new organization methods and I really think I found my new best friend… The bullet journal. If you didn’t heard of this trend yet, it consists on designing yourself a journal, using a simple notebook.


It’s not a thing that you can do in a day of course: it’s a continous process on finding the layouts that actually work for you and that contain everything you have to manage in your life. This is why Bullet Journals are so magical.. literally everyone is different and helps you in a personalized way to focus on your goals and to be super productive!

I’ll share what’s working for me, a layout at a time.

Today we’ll focus on the monthly spread, which for me is crucial to visualize the entire month all at once. Here it is in the picture below:


I designed the week/day form, where I can take note of big events, like birthdays, holidays and weddings. On the left side of it there is the “Goals” field, which is definitely important to focus on what I want to accomplish that month.

I also included a “Notes” field, really useful to note everything relevant that is happening that month: bills to pay, a special article to write, ecc.

Below the main month form, I inserted a Tracker. 


On Pinterest you can find a billion of inspirations of various types of trackers that you can consider, but actually, think about what you really want to check monthy… something you strongly want to do, but you never had the chance to keep on track. For example, I inserted “art”. I know that everything art-related makes me happy and inspired, but when I have the chance to do a painting, or to go on that special exhibition, something “adulting-related” always distracts me. This is a concrete way to keep track of your passions!

And… A really special personal thing I created for my Journal is the “Ticket pocket“, which is kind of art related as well, because I love to collect special tickets from museums, exhibitions, trips ecc. Now I can easily store them and find them later in that lovely pocket ^^. The ticket in the photo below is from the New York Aquarium… so many great memories about that trip <3.


And the little lovely cup of tea in that corner? A Doodle. Again, Pinterest is the way. Find your favourite doodle chart and take inspiration from that. These are two of my favourite doodle charts:

Seriously, Pinterest is wonderful ^^.

Do you keep a bullet journal too? Did it change your organizational skills? Mine improved A LOT!

Love, flowers and bright summer mornings,


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