Review & swatches: M.A.C “Otherearthly” Mineralize Skinfinish

Hi girls!!

I’m back with a brand new product that I recently got at my local M.A.C store. As you can see from the title it’s a Mineralize skinfinish, part of the “Future M.A.C” collection: a gorgeous powder divided in three shades.

“Othererarthly” MAC Mineralize skinfinish

I’ve always been a big fan of the Mineralize skinishes… especially the ones that come out with limited edition collections. Usually they have unique patterns like this lovely one ❤

“Otherearthly” MAC mineralize skinfinish

I will swatch for you the separeted shades. As you can see from the photo below, there are a bronzy/rosegold color, a peachy color and a gorgeous light blue pearl, that gives a lot of dimension and unconventional light to the product.


You can use this product picking just one color or swirling all together with a brush, and the color that comes out is beyond gorgeous. You can see that the three shades create a luminous peachy shade. I have to say that the light blue part acts kind of as a color correcting shade.




I personally use it as a blush, since I have a fair complection. If you have  darker skin, maybe you can use it as a really pretty highlighter.

As you may notice I love rose gold everything 😛 . Needless to say, I fell in love with the first shade of this mineralize skinfinish.

Cons? Just one, and it’s pretty picky of me saying this… but it really hurts me how the blue part gets covered with the other shades once you swirl  the shades together a couple of times. Ahahahaha I warned you, it’s not so important, it’s just something I noticed that hurts my beauty blogger “all about the packaging” eyes.


“Othererarthly” MAC Mineralize skinfinish (after swirling)

Did you get something from this collection? Will you consider trying this product?

Let me know in the comments below!

Kisses, colors and flowers,




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