Review + Swatches: “Soft matte lip cream” by NYX 

It’s not a mistery that I looove matte lips, I’ve always loved them. You can easily understand that the arrival of this trend made me crazy.

The last time I visited New York, I made quite a stock of NYX Soft matte lip creams… NYX wasn’t available in Italy at that time . Here are the shades that I currently own:


… And the swatches…


Why I love them so much? Just see the colors and amazing pay off. If you didn’t try any of those yet, go and get one… you’ll be obsessed too.

The first Soft matte lip cream that I tried was sent to me by the company three years ago and it was in the shade “Milan”… which is actually my favourite, of course. You can see from the swatches that is a gorgeous strawberry pink , that looks amazing on a wide range of skintones.

They have a really good pay off, an easy application, and are crazy long lasting. They don’t wear off badly (even the darkest ones).. which is a huuuge thumb up for me. It doesn’t peel off or melt, it simply fades, after a good six hours of perfection.


When I realized that NYX was arriving soon in Italy I was an happy child… I have to head in Milan as soon as possible (the only city having NYX, for now).

Have you ever tried them?? Let me know in the comments which one is your fav!

Love, flowers and rainbows to all of you.





3 thoughts on “Review + Swatches: “Soft matte lip cream” by NYX 

    1. I really should! Thanks For the suggestion 😊!!! You’re right, I’m addicted since I discovered them 😂


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