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My May 2015 favourites


Hi girls!!

I was a little bit nervous because of this first post. I didn’t know exactly what topic should be chosen to start a new blog, so I went for a simple monthly favourite, basically because is the first thing I would read to introduce myself to a new blog!!

So this is it, my May favourites 2015.  You can see them all in the picture on top of the article. Starting from the clothing, I love flowy tops for this time of the year. I love ladylike and cute clothes, so I always prefer light pastel colors. For the bottom, I love skinny jeans. Espadrillas flats are a MUST. They are comfortable and lightweight. Plus, I find them so chic and simple.

Regarding to accessories, I’m obsessed with my Michael Kors Messenger bag. It has a lot of space, is a great quality bag, I love it. I always recommend to invest a little bit more money on a really good statement bag. I don’t love splurge, but I believe in good investiments. Light and dainty jewellery.

Beauty! My favourite thing. I always take care of my skin. I love the sensation of well treated, supple skin. A new product by Kiehl’s, The Iris extract tratment, is based on Iris extract and it leaves the skin sooo soft and luminous… It does wonders to the skin. It has a texture in between a toner and a serum and it’s perfect to use before a cream. Love it.

Makeup: love love love for the dewy effect, provided by the NYX liquid illuminator. is litterally light in a tube. I don’t even have much to say about the “Naked 3” palette by Urban Decay. It’s a triumph of rose gold and feminine colors.
The “touch eclat”, always one of my “musts” in my purse for an instant face wake up call XD. My nails: blue, navy blue all the way. In the set you can see “Road house blues” by OPI.

Love you enjoyed this post,

See you soon,


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